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Christmas in July at John Lewis
Christmas in July at John Lewis

Looking for early ideas for Christmas decorations? Look no further than the new John Lewis Home Christmas 2017 range. 

How to handle categories in PRShots

Our quick-guide/manual to everything you need to know about creating and editing categories on PRShots.

Utilise Hashtags on Instagram

Date:  09 May, 2017

It is important to take advantage of the hash tag capabilities Instagram allows you to use. This means using all of the 30 allowed hash tags per image you upload. 

If you attempt to add more than 30 hash tags your comment will not be published all together, this also includes the non hash tagged words, the image will be published without a caption so make sure to count your hash tags before publishing.
Great websites to use to outsource a list of the most popular hashtags includes:
Most Popular Hash tags List:
#love #instagood #smile #me #tbt #instago #cute #follow #style #followme #photooftheday #swag #happy #tagsforlikes #followme #beautiful #girl #iphoneonly #picoftheday #summer #fun #smile #friends #like4like #instadaily #fashion #igers #instalike #food #amazing
Go through your feed and adjust all your hash tags accordingly. Even thought you have the ability have up to 30 hash tags, nothing looks more desperate then using all of them. It is really up to you how many hash tags you find acceptable to use but just make sure if you do use all your allowed tags that they are relevant and are not spam.
TIP: Find hash tags that are specific to your niche to attract a targeted audience to your feed.