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Our New Feature: Lightboxes!

Find all your editorial image needs faster. We have created the lightbox feature to help press locate the same themed editorial images and download these all at once to save time. Please take a look at our latest lightboxes.

What Social Media Platforms Are Right For You

It can get very confusing trying to keep up with every single social media channel. As someone who has to manage a lot of social media channels for myself and my clients I’m always careful about what networking platforms I spend my time on.

Instagram Timeline Algorithms

Date:  06 April, 2017

Instagram algorithms are pretty straightforward to understand and while most people hate the update it actually makes sense and creates an equal playing-field for small accounts and large brands.

An algorithm is a piece of coding that has been added to the recent Instagram update along with a new logo and branding change. During the update Instagram changed its feed from a chronological order to an order of relevancy of the content, so now Instagram will place the image it thinks you might like on top of your feed while pushing everything else down.

Whether the Algorithm will push your image on top of your followers' feeds depends on the quality and relevancy of the image. It is now important to take your photography to the next level.

Tips for Algorithm success:

- Capture you­r images with a digital camera rather than a smart phone, the quality of the image will always be better.
- Keep hash-tagging as usual for more exposure; remember to use up to 30 tags if you have to.
- Pay attention to what images Instagram shows you and stick with similar content for guaranteed engagement.


When uploading an image ask yourself the following questions:
Doess the image I'm about to post convey the exact message that I would like to put across?
Is the image of the highest possible quality?
Is this image relevant and interesting to my followers?

TIP: Make sure to post well presented and high quality work to get the Instagram algorithm to work for you.