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What Social Media Platforms Are Right For You

It can get very confusing trying to keep up with every single social media channel. As someone who has to manage a lot of social media channels for myself and my clients I’m always careful about what networking platforms I spend my time on.

Picking An Instagram Name

Date:  31 March, 2017

To get ahead on Instagram you need to choose to your name carefully. We look at some of the top things to consider and avoid when choosing an effective username.

Instagram is the world’s fastest growing social network. Now owned by Facebook, its  power is obvious in the simple design and the ability to capture its audience while they are on the move. The users fell in love with the platform due to the straightforward options of image and video sharing capabilities. Instagram is real time, which means real time engagement, so if you are able to play your cards right on this social network it can give you or your business a great boost that other social media platforms are not guaranteed to offer.

Instagram is changing marketing and becoming a big player in influencer and digital marketing in general, which is essentially killing off traditional marketing and making it obsolete in the future. People can skip adverts but people can’t skip images on Instagram.

Instagram User Name and Bio

Whether you are already using Instagram or just starting an account it is important to chose a great username from the beginning and try to stick to it, to build up consistency and credibility. Picking a great Instagram name is a challenge all by itself. The rewards of picking a great name holds a priceless value to you and your followers, meaning  in the long term your account will be memorable and engaging. Make sure people are able to remember your username as this will encourage them to find your account straight from the Instagram search function.

There are some things to consider and avoid when choosing a username. The lists below highlight some of these points.

Things to remember when picking out an Instagram username

- Pick a memorable name that reflects the overall theme of your Instagram.
- Pick a name that is relatively short and easy to spell; this is important so your followers are able to search for you.
- Keep the username consistent throughout all your other social media accounts. If this option is unavailable keep all your social media account names as close to each other as possible.
- If you have a business name use that instead of making up something else unrelated.

Things to avoid while picking out an Instagram username

- Please do not use numbers in your name, eg Katie230558354. If you use numbers in your username it makes your account look like those spam accounts from China that sell fake Chanel bags. Make sure the name makes sense for your account and if you are a business make it look professional.
- Avoid having a long username. People need to be able to remember your username so whenever they want to check out your feed they can search for it. Make your username as short as possible.
- Do not use symbols in your username as it makes it harder to spell. You want to make it as easy as possible for your audience to find you quickly.


Review your username and change accordingly. Do not be afraid to change it altogether if you have to. Think of the long term and what name would stick with your audience.

TIP: Measure the engagement on your Instagram account after the name change; see how it improves your statistics.